Liability Waiver - Zero Latency VR

Liability Waiver


Although we have taken the necessary precautions and safety measures, it is not possible to guarantee the safety of you and the minor participant(s) present under your responsibility. Free Roam VR is a simulation activity using Virtual Reality technologies with an increased risk. Players can be injured if they stumble, bump into each other or other obstacles. We cannot exclude even more serious injuries.

We want to make you aware of this. By signing this statement you make it clear that you are aware of this and that you understand, accept and agree to the conditions listed below.

I hereby declare that as a customer and the minor participant (s) under my responsibility for which I am signing, I am aware, I understand and agree with the additional conditions below;

1. Acceptance terms & conditions
1.1. I understand that if I buy a ticket for the activities of Zero Latency VR, I agree with the terms and conditions.
1.2. I understand that if I buy a ticket on behalf of another person, that I and the other person both agree to the terms and conditions.

2. Risks
2.1. I understand that participation in the activities of Zero Latency VR, just like other physical (sports) activities, are strenuous, heavy, intensive, unknown and entails the risk of injury.
2.2. I am aware, understand and accept all risks, both known and unknown, regarding the use and participation in the activities of Zero Latency VR for myself and all minor participant(s) under my responsibility for whom I am signing.

3. Health
3.1. I declare that I am physically fit and not familiar with existing medical conditions such as heart or lung problems, epilepsy, high blood pressure, severe hearing loss and other medical conditions.
3.2. I declare that I have not had surgery recently and I have no history of problems with my ability to move.
3.3. I declare that I am not pregnant.
3.4. I understand that Zero Latency VR cannot provide medical advice and I will seek professional medical advice in case of doubt.
3.5. By signing this declaration, I specifically authorize the provision of emergency medical treatment and I accept the financial responsibility for such treatment, including the administration of emergency medical assistance and ambulance transport.

4. Liability of participants
4.1. I accept that I am liable for the damage that I have caused as a result of loss, theft, or damage to the property or property of (staff of) Zero Latency VR and third parties.
4.2. I accept that the costs will be charged to me if I have caused damage to VR materials (Backpack PC, VR glasses, gun / controller) and the facilities of Zero Latency VR due to unauthorized behavior.
4.3. I understand that I am responsible for my own belongings during my visit to Zero Latency VR and accept that Zero Latency is not liable for any loss or damage to my property (caused in any way) during my visit to Zero Latency.

5. Participation
5.1. I understand that I cannot be under the influence of medication, drugs or alcohol. And accept that non-compliance may result in Zero Latency VR refusing me participation in the VR activities.
5.2. I agree to abide by the rules and procedures of Zero Latency VR and to follow all directions of Zero Latency VR.

6.1 I understand that CCTV is being conducted for my safety and the safety of Zero Latency VR personnel.
6.2 I agree that images and videos are made for safety, training and promotional purposes of yourself, your children or of children for whom you are responsible.

7. Participation of minors
7.1. I declare that I am of age and that the minor participant (s) under my responsibility, for whom I also sign this declaration, have no health problems and / or restrictions that prevent them from participating in the activities of Zero Latency VR.
7.2. I understand that participants of 15 years or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
7.3. I promise that I will at all times supervise the minor participant (s) present under my responsibility and will act in collaboration with Zero Latency VR if circumstances so require.

8.1 I accept that my email is used for the purpose of sharing game results and foto/video’s of the gameplay.
8.2 I understand that I will receive a newsletter, and no more then 4 times a year.
8.3 I understand that I can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter.

I accept all risks associated with participation in the activities of Zero Latency VR and I explicitly indemnify Zero Latency VR and its affiliated third parties, including; undertakers, instructors, managers, managers, directors, representatives, employees and the owner of the property in which the Zero Latency VR activities take place, manufacturers and installers of the equipment of all Zero Latency VR and associated other activities; liabilities, claims, demands or other proceedings that may arise from (permanent) injury or death or to any damage or loss caused to my property during participation in any part of the activities of Zero Latency VR or related other activities for myself or for the minor participant (s) present under my responsibility for which I am signing.67