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Team Dynamics Workshop

Are you looking for a way to improve communication and collaboration in your team? Then this workshop is for you and your team!

Our certified DISC expert(s) will help your team members to better understand each other by discovering their communication styles. Team members will observe each other while working together in VR simulations. Insights from the VR experience are related to the actual work environment to optimise collaboration and performance of the team.

At the end of the workshop the team will not only walk away with more knowledge about how to communicate more effectively, they will also had great time together playing VR.

what to expect?

From  € 329 p.p.
Duration: 3,5 – 4 hours

Our Disc Expert

Lisette Hospers is an experienced Organization Coach and owner of Hospers & Co. As an expert in behavioral patterns, she makes the behavior in your team visible and open to discussion, using the DISC method. Lisette’s motto as a team and organizational coach is: learning together is creating together. As a practical, honest and curious coach, she mirrors behavior and makes your team aware of where things can be improved.

Lisette spent 12 years in various management positions in a corporate environment before specializing in organizational coaching. Since 2018 she is a recognized STiR Organization Coach. Lisette guided transitions on a personal, team and organizational level for companies such as Rabobank, Municipality of Rotterdam, PostNL and Greenpeace.

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