very real business


Very Real

Company outing

Bowling again? No of course not. You will organise a company outing like no other! Impress your colleagues with free-roam VR. It will be the talk of the office for weeks to come.

Very Real


Don’t underestimate the power of shooting some Very Real zombies together! Combine your meeting, seminar or creative session with a shared VR experience. Enjoy our Plug & Play meetingsrooms.

Very Real

VR/AR Business workshop

VR and AR will have a big impact on the business of the future. In this workshop we will introduce you to the world of VR/AR. Learn what is possible, and what opportunities it provides for your organisation!

Very Real

Team Dynamics workshop

Want to create understanding and better communication in your team? Using our teamwork VR games, our certified DISC expert facilitates in discovering their different communication roles. Fun and useful!



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